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How to Use Joomla for Your Business Blogs

from: Internet Exposed Files

You can save yourself an awful lot of money and time in employing professional website developers if you use the Joomla content management system. Joomla gives you easy access to many templates that are customizable so you can use your Joomla blog, or indeed your Joomla website too. Joomla templates allow you to portray whatever corporate image you would like to. It is pretty quick to use, too!

Joomla is open source, so it is free, which is a good thing about it. In these days of the credit crunch and many businesses not surviving, a free open source program like Joomla has much to recommend it. You can have it up and running in less than a day.

Joomla comes compete with many ‘modules’ and you can get your hands on many more. That will expand it further and offer you even more creative solutions for your business’ online presence. The Joomla website even has its own blog where users can discuss the many uses to which they have put Joomla.

Many of these modules that you can add on to the Joomla open source program are also free. There are for instance, several types of blog modules available in the free core management system database that comes with Joomla and forms its basis. Blogging for business of pleasure is easy and fully customizable with Joomla.

Joomla blogs are easy to manage, which is essential, as blogs are only effective corporate marketing if they are regularly updated with useful material. You will be busy with your business so you won’t want a blog which takes a long time to update. Joomla blog updates are simple and fast.

Photos can also be uploaded to Joomla blogs, which is great. Photos of you and your business products and/or premises are a great way to increase the confidence which consumers have in you. If they have more faith in your business, hey will return to you to spend more money. It’s that simple.

Joomla blogs offer the opportunity for a browser-based interface which can generate press releases or facilitate inter-company communication between different company offices. The Joomla framework is easily expandable, so you can have any size of blog that you want and have no fear of running out of space with your frequent updates.

Joomla blogging software is usually compatible with multimedia sources too, so you can add sound bites and videos to give your blog a modern, vibrant feel that says just the right things about your company. Discussion can be facilitated in Joomla blogs, which have kept abreast of the latest Web 2.0 principles of allowing customer interaction. You can have total control over the content on your Joomla blog or you can allow some freedom fro others to contribute and comment on blog items. Joomla blogs are fully acceesible to search engine optimization so people can easily find you by searching the internet. If you’ve got a business, you need a Joomla blog. Luckily, you can easily get one today.


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