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´╗┐How to Create Your Podcast Identity

from: Internet Exposed Files

Though it may not seem like a big deal, your podcast name as well as its description is the first impression that allows users to decide whether they are interested in listening to your podcast. It's important that you take the time to consider and compare your options before making a final decision if you want your podcast brand to gain attention.

Picking a name for your podcast

No matter how interesting or relevant the content of your Podcast might be, the name is the real selling point. Pick a title that doesn't bore a potential listener if the title doesn't draw them in, their going to keep looking. Don't be afraid to ask your listener for advice before choosing a final name, once you've narrowed down your options create a survey on your blog and ask for feedback. Some podcasters even create temporary names and then seek feedback from their listeners on a better name.

Developing a theme

To pick your podcast name review the topic or theme of your podcast and create a subject for your podcast. Additionally, your name should tie into the theme of your podcast. For example, a company selling products for use in a garden would likely choose the topic, gardening. Then narrow down to pick a subject to focus on helping listeners plan out their garden and choose items to purchase for their garden. Their podcast name might be Gardening Diva or Green Thumb Experts, something that will instantly help potential listeners identify the brand is related to gardening. It's important to keep the name short so it's likely to be remembered. A podcast called "The Amazing, Wonderful, True Adventures of a Southern Gardner and His Dating Life" is not only too long, it really doesn't have a focus that makes sense to the potential listener.

Creating a description

Your podcast description should tie in information from the title and theme and should only be a few sentences in length. Using the example above, our podcasting description for the Green Thumb Experts might be: "Green Thumb Experts is your first source for in-depth gardening knowledge presented directly from experts in the field. Stay tuned for gardening stories, recipes, poems, current events and more.

Brand the name

Once you have a title in mind, claim it for your podcast domain name and blog. Through Search Engine Optimization (SEO), interested parties can search for topics that they want to find out more about. Using SEO techniques, you can work to get your domain name and blog a better position in ratings and closer to the top of the home page on a search engine. Before deciding on a final name, do a search for the domain and blog that accompanies it, it may already be taken.

Style your podcasting blog

Once you've gained your podcasting blog, you should then write an in-depth description that showcases the information your podcast will cover. Designing the layout of your blog, and adding gardening pictures will give your podcast its own identifiable look.


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