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´╗┐How to Develop Your Material and Improve Your Podcast

from: Internet Exposed Files

Podcasting is truly a medium designed for anyone who has something to say to be able to reach out and get his or her message heard. If you already have a blog or website, then podcasting is only an extra step that can help your business get more attention. To make your podcast successful you need to consider whether you have the time and energy to truly put in the work needed to make your podcast sound professional and get viewers steadily tuning in.

Introducing the podcast

No matter how long you've been running a podcast it always needs an introduction. Include the date, the podcast number or episode number and the topic. You should also take a few seconds to highlight what is coming up during the show to tease your audience. Before ending the show keep your viewers interested in visiting again by offering a brief highlight of topics being covered in your next planned podcast.

Developing segments

Segments are a way for the podcaster to break up their content and keep viewers interest. By offering shorter 3 to 5 minute segments in a 20 to 30 minute podcast, you are less likely to bore viewers by rambling on and you add a greater variety to the finished podcast.

Talking out the kinks

Podcasting is really about connecting with your audience and to connect you have to have the right voice representing your business. Most of the time a little prep work can help prepare anyone to talk into a microphone and speak in a relaxed voice. Whomever you use to represent your company they need to understand that podcasters voice must draw in the audience. A host that rambles on, pauses and is unprepared will turn viewers away. Even if you prepare a more organic approach to podcasting and don't want to sound rehearsed by reading off a script, at least take the time to make an outline of the topics you plan on covering. This way you can remain spontaneous but you won't sound uninformed.

Develop smart interviewing techniques

A bad interview with poor sound quality can completely ruin an otherwise good podcast. When interviewing a subject, make concessions for recording equipment problems and to keep the flow natural. Do this by sending the questions in advance, this will allow your guest enough time to prepare their responses and avoid pauses while they think of their answer. When actually recording the interview, follow the flow of the conversation and adjust your questions if needed.

Add a second host

Been podcasting for a while and looking to add a little spice to your weekly podcast? Adding in a second host or even creating a roundtable discussion is a great way of putting new energy and fresh ideas into a podcast that might have gone stale. Using several hosts, you can better tailor your podcast to meet the needs of more of your target audience. For example, your podcast might be targeted to parents. If your original host is a female, adding in a male host would add more balance and make sure the viewpoints of fathers would be represented. In addition, you might choose to add in a teenage host to represent the kids view and feature host from different ethnicities and nationalities to give your podcast a global viewpoint.


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