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How To Choose Between Audio And Video Podcasting For Your Business Article

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How to Choose Between Audio and Video Podcasting for Your Business?

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In the world of podcasts, there are both audio and video podcasts. When given a choice between the two, which one(s) should your business offer? Depending on audience, intended uses, and customer demographic, podcasters can tailor their podcasts to effectively market their business’ products and services.

Audio podcasts are good for people browsing a website. These podcasts can be used to provide additional customer support, more product information, or serve as a site-browsing accompaniment. Audio podcasts help keep customers on a site longer and are quicker to download than video podcasts. This is especially important for businesses during a slow economy when some people have to keep a slower connection due to budget constraints. Audio podcasts are also good for Internet customers in remote areas, as fast connections are sometimes unavailable.

Video podcasts are great to help engage customers face-to-face with your product or service. By allowing a customer to “meet the staff”, companies utilizing video podcasts can sell their products or services directly to a potential customer. Video podcasts are also great for business owners looking to feature a particular product or service. By highlighting how a product or service is used, what the product or service is used for, and how that specific product or service can benefit a person’s life, having the demonstration aspect is just as effective as a door-to-door sales approach.

If unable to choose between the two, consider taking a multi-media podcasting approach to featuring your business. Ask for feedback from users to find out age/gender, reason for visiting website or listening to podcast, and on what device the podcast is listened to/viewed on. Also, ask for customer preference if an audio or video podcast is desired, or if there is not preference. Either create a customer feedback form with these questions or announce them during a podcast or website presentation. Offer a small incentive for the customer’s feedback such as an entry into a prize, small discount, or a free MP3 player or iPod.

Customer panels can also help provide feedback, even before the podcasts go live. Rather than spending money for unnecessary web design and updating services, consider performing a trial run with a small panel. Ensure this panel is typical with your business’ target demographic and allow them to sample some selected audio and video podcasts. Ask which of the given podcasts would most make them want to purchase or use your business or service. By asking for customer feedback before going live, a business can save time, money, and appeal to the right potential customers.

By practicing with the various methods of podcasting, business owners will be able to directly reach customers by the most requested and effective ways while holding their interests. Creating an interactive podcasting experience allows users to feel more in-control of their shopping or browsing tasks while allowing business owners to capture their attention longer; hopefully closing the deal on a sale. Be sure to utilize all forms of customer feedback including panels, opinion polls and email suggestions.