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How to Incorporate Podcasts Into Your Business Marketing Plan

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Delivering a successful podcast is more than just featuring an online radio show or video blog. For business owners, when used successfully, customers can learn more about a featured business while businesses have the opportunity to learn more about their customers.

The first tip a business can do to increase marketing efforts via podcast is to make their podcast accessible to potential and returning customers. Featuring an updated podcast at regular intervals will encourage listeners or viewers to return to the site on a designated day for a new podcast, and will help increase the traffic’s site. Make the podcast as accessible as possible by allowing a direct click-through link to either the audio or the video presentation. Additionally on the website, allow for a customer podcast feedback section. Here, listeners can offer suggestions and topic ideas for new shows.

Adding a brief survey of two or three questions to the podcast feedback can allow the business to gain a greater insight of their podcast listeners while conducting market research. Age, household income, and purchase history can help a business tailor their upcoming podcasts to potential and returning customers while helping to increase sales by discussing some of the items/services desired by the survey participants.

Another tip for a successful business podcast is to offer incentives. Having a referral program for podcast listeners allows greater marketing to more listeners while keeping the original podcast followers still interested in your business. Consider starting an affiliate program and offer a commission or referral bonus to each listener whose referral makes a purchase.

Contests are also another business marketing tool which can be incorporated into podcasts. Having a listener contest where a podcasting logo can be created, an audio jingle can be composed or any other way to promote and encourage enthusiasm for your business’ podcasting program can be used to excite and draw-in listeners. If your business’ budget allows, consider holding a contest for loyal listeners to become guest podcasters. Promoting the contest by means of “one entry per dollar spent”, or “one entry per person, per day” will encourage website visitation and purchases. For all contests, announce a specific date and time when the winner will be contacted during a podcast recording. Make sure a release is signed so the listener gives the authorization to use his/her name, voice, and if necessary, appearance.

Podcasts can also be used to add supplemental information to marketing campaigns. Instead of offering an online coupon code or secret discount day, have listeners tune into podcasts to learn about upcoming sale events, coupon codes and “podcast specials”. This gives listeners an incentive to hear the podcasts and if enjoyed, will help increase your business’ podcast following. This also helps eliminate the sharing of online coupons and encourages drawing listeners to your website. When combined with the survey questions, greater market and demographic research is achieved without the cost of outside market research consulting services. By offering a variety of ways to attract listeners to your business’ podcasts, companies and small businesses can not only save money, but can attract, retain and learn more about their target audience.