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Latest Trends In Social Networking

from: Internet Exposed Files

With the advent in technology, social networking is on a rise and how! Almost every individual, irrespective of their age seems to be addicted to some form of social networking site or the other be it Facebook, Diggit or Twitter or any one of the many others being created every day.

Change in Trends

The trends in social networking are changing rapidly. The popularity of social networking sites seems to be burgeoning at an alarming rate. Information seems to be skyrocketing on popular social networking, blogging and local information sites.

The dramatic effect of the popularity of these sites is apparent from the fact that most of the top visited sites in the last year have generally been social networking sites. Some of the most visited sites include,, Wikipedia and City Search. These sites are aimed at exchanging information with one another and getting in touch with other individuals, friends and companions.

Benefits It Offers

Interestingly, people have even started locating all varieties of individuals; class mates, course mates, soul mates and many others with the help of social networking sites. The number of monthly visitors to these sites has increased by leaps and bounds hinting at their massive popularity among the masses. The combined growth of a handful of these social networking sites has managed to surpass the overall internet visitors in the United States during this period. This trend has also gone forward to prove that internet is a space where it is extremely easy for new sites to break all records and soar ahead on the charts of popularity. Similarly, other older sites can again redirect traffic towards their address simply by revamping them and adding on features most appealing to web visitors today.

The internet is finally allowing the users/ readers to participate and the users need to be utilizing this facility to the hilt. One of the most visited sites on the internet is Google. Interestingly, even Google seems to be facing tough competition from other social networking sites rather than search engines.

Increase awareness = better usage

People are getting more aware of the utility of internet and are using it. They do not log in to the internet simply to scout for information or to complete a pending history project for school. Individuals know how to use internet in order to connect with their peers and remain connected with distant friends. In fact, regular net users seem to be so addicted to the net that they impulsively upload new pictures/ videos of the latest happenings in their lives so that they can share it with their other friends.

It is imperative for individuals to remain updated on the latest happenings of their friend’s lives and remain connected with them throughout, without actually having to bother with the hassle of meeting them personally in real life. Social networking saves on both time and energy. And this is one of the main reasons for its growing popularity for business, information and communication exchange purposes. Little wonder that today social networking sites are all set to redefine the way we communicate.


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