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The Basics of Viral Marketing

from: Internet Exposed Files

Viral marketing is an innovative technique that uses already existing social networks. Businesses gain boost to site traffic through a self-duplicating viral process. Simply put viral marketing is marketing that works similarly to information purposefully spread from one person to another. When the process is effective, more people know about it in the end than did in the beginning. The most attractive thing about this marketing effort is that anyone can use it without incurring terribly expensive materials or having any extra technological expertise. Here are techniques that will start work to increase traffic to your site when used properly.

Provide vital information to your customers and provide a site back link. Encourage your readers send links to their friends to the free information on your site on to friends or others who may share similar interest. You may be surprised at the amount of attention that your site will get.

Encourage your site visitors to use social networking platforms to spread the news. Offering incentives to site visitors can help you in advertising and marketing for your online business as well as attracting more visitors. You can offer incentives as free information provided to visitors for making a purchase at your site or signing up. Also, encourage them to leave their friends addresses and assure them that you do not keep their email addresses when they provide their information. Keep it simple and you won't have any trouble.

Share any funny clips or video clips that you get from other business associates. Place these on your blog or website for maximum effect. This is viral marketing at its height and it can bring in large amounts of traffic. Though people might come to see what the buzz is about it’s the content that will keep them coming back again and telling their friends about what you offer.

Issue a press release to get information out quickly to the public. This can have an everlasting effect within the press release and the website workings. Ask your readers to frequent your page and provide a free video or eBook they can pass on to friends, family and work associates.

Use undercover marketing in your planning to add suspense and to better gain attention for your niche. Engage the readers to get them to offer suggestions and share feedback. Readers like the built up, surprise and to be left with a lasting impression when involved in online activities. This is one reason why online games are so very popular.

Social network sites are getting millions of hits a day and aren't going anywhere, if you want to get traffic to your site why not use sites that offer one of the single largest databases of users on the Web. Since they revolve around a niche topic, it is advantageous to use sites like MySpace, Facebook and others to get the most out of them. Use these social network sites to find which works best and what audiences they attract more of.

These techniques are easy to implement and learn for use in a viral marketing campaign. They also don't take any time to set up and start using. Use them to your advantage to find what works best for your business.


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