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How to Grow Your Viral Marketing Campaign

from: Internet Exposed Files

A healthy viral marketing campaign needs a myriad of factors to help it reach success and gain momentum. Effectively growing your viral marketing campaign is a combination of locating and then providing the resources needed for your campaign.

In many cases, growing a viral marketing campaign is neither difficult nor impossible, but merely a challenging effort that is posed in order to find out what works best for the campaign. Since every business is vastly different and operates differently from other businesses, when you are designing a viral marketing campaign it is best to survey and research other campaigns to see what worked best, what failed and what could have been done better.

What kinds of platforms are conducive to viral marketing campaigns?

Most any social networking site is likely to be a huge resource boon to any viral marketing campaign. If they are properly managed, Facebook, MySpace and similar sites offer effective ways to meeting business goals. These sites as well as other places online can be used to place free and low cost advertisements and business information that can help to draw traffic to your site.

In addition to social marketing networks, it is also advantageous to place your business information within online blogging places like Wordpress or Blogger in order to gain more exposure. Blogs written with rich content tend to gain traffic quicker and more frequently. This exposure helps tremendously in driving traffic to the blog and with any viral marketing efforts that you have in place. As with any site, it is highly advisable to have lots of intriguing content within the blog to go with the blog’s site and purpose.

Search engines will help you tremendously in aiding the web’s search spiders to find your site. A collection of search engine spiders help visitors find and index your site almost immediately and aid them in finding the site again should they launch another search for it. Without the use of these effective spiders, your site stands to not gain notice or gain momentum in the online world.

Placing your signature in your marketing campaign is another idea that will help your marketing efforts tremendously. To do this, simply place an automatic signature in your email and then link that to any of your social networking platforms. Your signature email is like your online business card and should be treated as such. Also, be sure to reference the link in your username or within your message to ensure that the reader takes advantage of the information that you are giving out. You can also use Skype, Yahoo or Windows Messenger as a platform to get your username or link out to your readers.


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