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from: Internet Exposed Files

Viral marketing is not a game and has no “special” tricks attached to it. There are no strange equations as those found in SEO strategies and do not have a special formula that makes it work wonders. The only necessary thing that you should have to get people talking about your website or blog is to create a value-laden article within it and therefore there is no reason why your business shouldn't already be using viral marketing in order to get sales.

Viral marketing is about giving your customers value, this can be done through text on your site, the products your offering, information you share in a podcast or blog. Basically, viral marketing refers to any way you use to get potential customers visiting your sites, talking about you and spreading the word. You will find people visiting your website or blog just to read the latest thing that you have written or what developments that you have discovered in your niche market.

In order to be successful on your site start by using email signatures as they are quick, simple and since you send emails to individuals who already have some association with you they are more likely to click on a link and visit your site. You can also make your signature link more attractive by attaching a short message that is funny, adding in a valuable quote that is intriguing and almost begs the reader to find out more. You can use this to get into contact with others in your industry or as an added complement to other services on your site. To maximize your efforts, pay compliments to other website owners on their site design, offer your advice or ask others their opinions, or simply ask a question when sending out an email. The goal and the key here is to make your email memorable and valuable so that the receiver of the email passes it on to a friend or business contact and bring you potential business because they were impressed by what you said.

Building a list of business contacts also feeds into the email signature line and helps to garner traffic to your site. In an effort to build your list, trade information and resources with your contact lists. This helps to build faith with them as well. You can also keep an eye open for tools or articles that may be of interest to your contacts without feeling as if you are spamming them. Simply offer them value and a link back to your website through your signature line and you will start a stable foundation of business list building.

Free resources are a hot commodity because everyone is looking for something free on the Internet. Websites that offer free resources are quite popular but only if the free resources are of value. Nothing is more useless than something that no one wants or needs. Newsletters are free and easy to distribute, therefore they are easy to give away for free to interested parties. Also, eBooks, ezines and monthly tips are all free resources that readers love to get in their inboxes and are absorbed rapidly. If you can offer something free and of great value to your visitors, you can create a viral affect immediately that can last for a while.


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