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Never Forget to Validate Your Web Design

from: Internet Exposed Files

Don’t ignore the importance of validating your web page. Once your web page is ready, you can upload it to an HTML validator where this site will check whether your site is valid ('correct') HTML or not. This site will also give you some idea of how to fix it if it your web page is not a valid HTML. Validation is an essential step in the creation of any website and its as important as running your text through the spell checker.

Your HTML Code is Correct-
If your code validates, then it's correct, and therefore more likely to work as intended on any web browser. If you don't validate your pages, then you might find that people who visit your site with certain web browsers see nothing at all. Correct code is more likely to display correctly on all the different web browsers as it puts them into their 'standards' mode. If the code is even slightly incorrect, many browsers will use a different way of displaying it, known as quirks mode.

Search Engines-
When search engines are looking at your web pages, it's definitely going to give a preference to a page which has been validated resulting in a higher ranking in the results. If your page isn't valid, search engines might miss keywords in your web pages. Validation would also help you in getting your site compatible on mobile and other PDA devices.

Fault finding-
If there is some error in your website code, validation gives you an easy way to track it down and fix it. Before validation, people had to test their site after making any modification and look carefully to make sure that the code is written perfectly.

Some commonly used Validators:

Here are a few validators that you can consider using. Most HTML validators are available online but you can also download some of these.

CSE validator: www.htmlvalidator.com (downloadable)

WebTechs validator: www.webtechs.com/html-val-src

The W3C validator: validator.w3c.org

The WDG validator: www.htmlhelp.com/tools/validator

Doctor HTML: www.doctor-html.com (downloadable)


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