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Primer On Shared Web Hosting Services

from: Internet Exposed Files

A shared web hosting service is a website development service that incorporates a large number of websites on a single online web server. Individual sites by virtue of having their own space on the web server get to maintain a separate identity of their own.

The option of shared web hosting services is economically the best option especially for personal websites, start-ups and small businesses as you can save money by sharing the server maintenance cost with a group of website owners.

Website owners would only need to bear a monthly minimal fee in this case and shared web hosting is extremely convenient especially for newbies.

You can find a number of shared web hosting service providers on the internet.

They are able to offer various options from simple hosting to multilevel web hosting as per the need of the customers.

Areas Of Development

Shared web hosting uses a control panel technique that is purely web based.

This includes the Ensim, the cPanel, the Plesk, the Inter Worx, the DirectAdmin, the H-Sphere and many more.

There have been a few points of contention here between the control panel service and website interface. This is because the website hosting providers at certain times sell the user rights of the control panel system to other users.

With shared website hosting, the service providers are usually responsible for maintaining, managing and installing server software, providing technical support, security updates and all other related aspects. A majority of web servers works on Linux and LAMP software. Some of the web development providers even offer MS windows associated solutions.

All the operating systems hold similar software interfaces and practical functions, but there are exceptions associated with the security and support. Shared web hosting also allows you the option to check on your traffic and related web statistics. If you are planning on generating or are experiencing higher traffic to your website it would be better to switch over to a different hosting plan as shared web hosting would not be suitable for sites with higher traffic.


Shared web hosting services is developed in two different ways such as name based hosting and IP-based hosting.

The name-based hosting and IP hosting carry out the task with the help of virtual hosts.

These virtual hosts serve a numbers of websites with the same-shared IP address.

Whenever, a website user asks for resources based on a specific link, the server includes the hostname for performing the search. The IP-based web hosting or dedicated IP website hosting includes a unique IP address for every virtual host.

The website server is designed with varying, multiple network interfaces or virtual software network interfaces.

The main advantage of shared web hosting service is its cost efficiency. However, name based website virtual hosting has its share of disadvantages. Support and security is not exceptional with shared name-based hosting. An IP-based hosting is believed to be much more reliable and is the considered as the best option, if you are planning on opting for shared web hosting for your website.


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