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How to Use WordPress To Drive Traffic to Your Site

from: Internet Exposed Files

As a business owner, you invest a lot of money to drive traffic to their sites. Your business mainly depends upon targeting new customers to their sites and making sales out of these visits and the easiest way to accomplish this is using WordPress blogs to drive traffic.

Generating blogger traffic to your blog requires you to exercise a little effort but thankfully modern technology has made the task much easier and it is not that expensive either. Now by using WordPress blogs you can maintain your budget and at the same time you can practically double your customer base and sales overnight.

Here is a stepwise approach to attract customers to your blog within 24 hours of its creation:

Use hosted WordPress as your blogging platform. You will like the features a WordPress blog gives you and it is very easy to use.

Next, use article marketing which is the easiest way to drive traffic your blog. Article marketing is nothing but the proper use of keywords in articles used for websites. Keywords are generally the most relevant tags used by an internet surfer. The targeted keywords should have a density of approximately once in every one hundred words or so. Remember, the search engines filter out the article if it uses keywords often and ignores it if uses too few of them. However, the uniqueness of articles should never be compromised. An easier method is to use an article submission site.

Use social bookmarking sites to bookmark your blog. It is a great way to gather traffic but do not overuse this method. Over use can lead to spamming of the sites. One of the most famous bookmarking sites is Digg.com. There are several other famous bookmarking sites such as YahooBuzz, Del.icio.us, Technorati.com, MyBlogLog, Mixx, Reddit, StumbleUpon, Fark and Propeller etc.

Use social networking sites. These sites, unlike the social bookmarking sites, are used to connect to other people online and create friendships and social networks with people related to your niche. Some of the most diversified social networking sites are Facebook, Myspace, Yahoo Groups, Classmates Online, Xanga and MSN Groups etc. Via these social networking sites you can promote your business even, if it is only marginally.

You can also use video marketing to publicize your blog by making videos related to your blog content and uploading them on sites such as YouTube, VideoEgg, DailyMotion, Eyespot, GoogleVideo, Blip and AOL etc. You can get good ranking on the search engines quickly after publishing, provided you maintain quality content.

You need to apply your plan in a systematic way. By incorporating these simple but effective and advanced traffic generating tools it is not difficult to drive targeted traffic to your site even within 24 hours of its creation. But whether you really make your sales incorporating these guidelines depends upon how you create the feel of your blog, its site layout, the provision of ease of navigation, quality content and the type of plugins being used to attract your bloggers to stay longer on the blog.


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